ETC ColorSource Cyc

ETC ColorSource Cyc

Código do produto: ColorSource
Preço: 4.083,60€ SEM IVA: 3.320,00€

ETC ColorSource Cyc


The ColorSource CYC is a dedicated cyclorama fixture with a sole purpose of creating beautiful, smooth washes of light on a cyclorama or wall. And it delivers! This is the first ETC fixture to use this unique five-color mix; red, green, blue, indigo, and lime, which gives a great range of colors at an affordable price. With a compact and lightweight design, it fits easily on your stage floor or hangs from a pipe.

Because these fixtures are fanless, and all-LED, they consume a fraction of the power of other standard CYC fixtures. And LED means no more gel! Your budget can go toward something other than replacing lamp after expensive lamp, and the saturated colored gel that burns through after a couple of shows.


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